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ESD Footwear Safety shoe classes at a glance Professional and safety shoes have to withstand the requirements in different working areas every day. The standards EN ISO 20347 for professional footwear and EN ISO 20345 for safety footwear are to assure homogenous safety standards. The selection of the appropriate shoes is made on the basis of the risks for the relevant application. You will receive information about this subject from the security officers in your company and the relevant trade associations. EN ISO 20347 for professional footwear The standard EN ISO 20347 defines the basic and additional requirements for professional footwear that are not subject to mechanical risks (by impact or pressure). Professional footwear according to EN ISO 20347 is normally produced without toe cap. All basic requirements In addition to OB: closed heel, antistatic, energy absorption capacity in the heel In addition to O1: water penetrability, water absorption EN ISO 20345 for safety shoes Safety shoes are produced according to the standard EN ISO 20345 and offer the wearer the highest possible protection. The processed protective toe and heel caps are certified for high stress caused by an impact or pressure effect of 200 Joule. All basic requirements Additionally to SB: closed heel, antistatic, energy absorption capacity in the heel, fuel resistance In addition to S1P: midsole with penetration protection In addition to S1: water penetrability, water absorption In addition to S2: midsole with penetration protection, profiled outsole DGUV standard 112-191 - orthopdedic insoles for safety shoes Since 2007 theDGUV standard 112-191 (formerly BGR 191) has clearly regulated the use of orthopedic insoles in safety shoe and the individual finishing of safety shoes. According to the standard, only modifications of the safety shoe approved by a certified testing authority and attested by an EC type examination certificate are permitted. Especially in case of shoes having to fulfill the ESD standard EN 61340-5-1, the use of certified orthopedic insoles is essential as those ensure the necessary contact and assure all in all the requried ESD protection. All shoes with this icon have been certifie by the respective manufacturer according to the DGUV standard 121-191. Find your shoe quickly and easily! • Find the appropriate shoe quickly with our shoe filter inour online shop • simple searchin the complete product range of professional and safety shoes • many filter criteriafor optimal selection Use our shoe filter online - with a few clicks to the appropriate shoe! Filter according to the requirements for your shoe: • Manufacturer • Size • Color • Shoe shape • Professional and safety class • Slip resistance • Penetration protection • Suitability for orthopedic insoles You will find more information about the requirements directly in the filter. Filter now and find the appropriate shoe... Reliably tested! The EPApro® ESD Personnel Tester 1000 allows testing your safety shoe reliably, simply and in less than 2 seconds before entering in the ESD-protected zone. Further information about the EPApro® 1000 are available in thecatalog pages 144146or online with the dpvlink 21010 Systems against Electrostatics ESD Footwear © DPV Elektronik-Service GmbH 2024 | 12