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EPApro® Control Server TheEPApro® Control Server software enables to manage the measuring data, devices and employees with the EPApro® ESD Personnel testers 1000 connected via the company network. The data are stored and saved in compliance with GDPR. A privacy mode allows the recording and display of the measurements without names. Import/export and report functions are integrated. EPApro® Control Server at a glance • Networking of several EPApro® devices within your company network – also across locations • Central, password-protected and role-based administration • Central administration of employees and access authorizations on the server • Simple import of the employee master data into the system e.g. Excel, CSV • Employee administration with group function e.g. teams and departments, EPA, laboratory, etc. • Guest function: simple creation of visitors to document the measured values • Synchronization and storage of the data on the VM on your server • Safe and central archiving of your measured data offering the possibility to set a date for an automatic deletion of the measurement protocols • Backup functions allow retrieving backup files with Single Click at any time and storing them in a directory you specified • REST API data interface (key-protected) enabling an automatic data exchange with other programs • Report functions, i.a. for audits as PDF file • Automatic report function by e-mail for evaluations and reports • Installation via a Virtual Machine (VM) on your server • Client access via browser, installation of a client software is not required • Simple update function and maintenance of the software via the EPApro® portal The EPApro® Control Server helps to manage the data collected by the EPApro® 1000 devices in a clear and safe way in compliance with data security. The EPApro® Control Server facilitates a central management across locations of all networked EPApro® 1000 devices. It is possible to import empoyee data comfortably (e.g. as CSV or Excel file) and assemble and export reports including measured data as needed. Authorization of the employees for individual devices The authorization of the employees for the access to an EPApro® 1000 device can be restricted in the employee profile. If the EPApro® 1000 are connected to access systems, the access to individual manufacturing areas can be controlled. For an easier management and surveillance, it is possible to assign employees to a group. Groups can be structured hierarchically facilitating the mapping of employee and department structures. Users of the EPApro® Control Server obtain the access authorization to these groups. Network The EPApro® 1000 devices are connected to the EPApro® Control Server via LAN. Every EPApro® 1000 device has its own IP address. The connection across locations is also possible via your company VPN. Data exchange A REST (Representational State Transfer) API enable the secure exchange of data with other programs. Behavior in case of failure of network or server If the EPApro® Control Server or the network fail, there will be no restrictions for the operation of the EPApro® 1000 devices. Measurement data sets are stored in the EPApro® 1000 device and automatically transferred as soon as the EPApro® Control Server is available again. Maintenance work in the network of the server has thus no impact on the availability and functionality of the EPApro® 1000 device in the network. Even in case of a network failure, the smooth operation of the EPApro® 1000 devices is assured. Installation of the server software The EPApro® Control Server software is installed as a VM (Virtual Machine) on a hardware server. We provide you the VM image suitable for your virtualization system. Licensing A license is once necessary for the EPApro® Control Server. To connect the EPApro® Personnel Tester 1000, a separate EPApro® license key is required for each device. dpvlink 21904 Type Article EPApro.1000.LI-1 EPApro® Control Server license 1 license to manage the EPApro® Control Server EPApro.1000.LI-2 EPApro® Personnel Tester device license 1 license for device management Systems against Electrostatics Measurement and test equipment © DPV Elektronik-Service GmbH 2024 | 155