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Safety shoe Wiki / Mads Safety shoe; perforated upper of textile and leather: aluminum toe cap; wear-resistant textile lining; PU/PU outsole: oil-, acid- and fuel-resistant; slip-resistant; antistatic. EN ISO 20345:2011 S1P SRC dpvlink 27281 Form Category Size Color Article Safety shoe Wiki / Mads LE-8102 lowshoe S1P 35-49 blue LE-8101 boot S1P 35-49 blue LE-8103 lowshoe S1P 35-49 blue / black Safety shoe Michel / Nils / Milo Safety shoe; microfiber upper with TPU coating and water-repellent textile; LE-8109 + LE-8110 with perforated upper; aluminum toe cap; mesh lining; PU/PU outsole; oil-, acid- and fuel-resistant; slip-resistant; antistatic; EN ISO 20345:2011 SRC (personalization possible with LE-8106 and 8108) dpvlink 27284 Closure Category Size Color Article Safety shoe Michel / Nils / Milo LE-8109 lace fastening S1P 35-49 black / blue LE-8106 lace fastening S3 35-49 black / blue LE-8110 UTURN® S1P 35-49 black / blue LE-8108 UTURN® S3 35-49 black / blue Insoles Insole Titan • antistatic insole suitable for all Lemaitre shoes • extremely high breathability • adapts perfectly to the foot • shock-absorbing with additional heel cushioning • quick drying dpvlink 25750 Size Type Article Insole Titan LE-9907 35-50 Insole Titan with memory foam HIGH-TECH FOR YOUR FEET Our shoes have reduced leverage as well as multi-zone and heel absorption. That is the foundation. Added to this are special features for various occupations. Because every job presents different requirements for safety shoes. That is why we have such a great variety of models: safety shoes for all-round use, heavy-duty models with optional mid-foot protection and protection against electrostatic discharge, special shoes for foundrymen and welders, our firefighter collection, the women‘s line specially designed for women‘s feet and much more. SECURA VARIO® SYSTEM BACK PROTECTION THANKS TO INDIVIDUAL HEEL SHOCK ABSORPTION Customized shock absorption: the replaceable, weight- and pressure-dependent heel shock absorption system ensures cushioning adapted to the individual needs of the wearer. The pressure load in the shoe is reduced to a natural extent and provides targeted relief to the back. At the same time, it helps to relieve the back in a targeted way and to significantly reduce fatigue. Models for women have the heel cushioning yellow (up to 57 kg) and green (up to 79 kg). Unisex models sizes 35-44 have the heel cushioning green (up to 79 kg) and red (up to 91 kg) or for the sizes 45-50 in red (up to 91 kg) and black (up to 105 kg). Systems against Electrostatics ESD Footwear © DPV Elektronik-Service GmbH 2024 | 86